Care Recommendations

Suede Tilda Jacket in Donkey BrownCleaning Suede , Leather and Sheepskin

We recommend only professional suede, leather, and sheepskin Specialist Dry Cleaning Services to give you the best advice and results. We do not recommend cleaning garments too often as the process can remove the skin's coating and leave the garment looking faded.

Colour Dye-Fastness

New eco-friendly Tanning Laws introduced recently by the EEC have slightly reduced dyefastness with the darker colours i.e. black and brown. Hence you may experience a slight displacement of colour when the garment is new. It is therefore advisable to wear darker underclothing initially. As our finest quality suede is not treated, some flecking may occur. Again we advise initially wearing with similar colour undergarments.

Care Tips for Suede Leather and Sheepskin

  • Let wet skins dry naturally on a hanger. Never leave your garment near a hot radiator as this may cause it to stiffen or shrink. Always store the garment away from direct sunlight, which may cause fading. Never cover it with plastic sheeting. Don't attempt to treat stains with cold water or chemical cleaning agents as this can cause permanent damage. Be aware that skins can relax in fit or shrink slightly with cleaning, but will stretch back with wear.


  • Fur Trims
    • A light brush with a soft bristle brush will revive fur
    • Dry Clean Only and the garment will be refreshed
    • DO NOT Machine or Hand Wash


  • Spillages    

    Whatever stains your garment, it is best to let it dry completely before brushing with a suede brush or dry sponge.